So what happens once you buy a generator? The professionals at Bay Motor Winding provide installation and maintenance services so you can rest assured that your energy needs are taken care of.

If you choose to purchase our maintenance plan, a service technician will perform a 42-point check on your generator system twice annually. Filters and oil are changed annually. A replacement battery is included the second year of each contract and every other year, thereafter.

Price varies depending on location and kilowatts.

Included in Our 42-Point Check

  • Record hours of operation. (If hour meter is present.)
  • Inspect generator enclosure.
  • Inspect air intake and exhaust flow paths.
  • Inspect generator for fluid leaks.
  • Inspect generator for fuel leaks. (Includes sub-base fuel tank.)
  • Inspect generator exhaust system.
  • Check Batteries. (New Battery Every 2 Years)
  • Check battery charger operation and charge rate.
  • Check air filter.
  • Inspect belts.
  • Inspect hose clamps.
  • Check coolant level.
  • Check block heater operation.
  • Check engine alternator charge rate.
  • Fuel filter change: (Replaced Annually)
  • Test system safety devices.
  • Oil and filter change: (Replaced Annually)
  • Test Generator
  • Test System