Improves Reliability

CoolBLUE® cores act as a common mode choke by absorbing the damaging high frequency noise associated with VFD’s, so you can maximize equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs associated with grounding rings, and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Saves Time

Installation around power cables takes less than 10 minutes. Simply disconnect power cables, install cores around power cables, and reattach power. Done!

Saves Money

Less than 7 core sizes fit all motor applications ( 1/4 hp to 1600+ hp ). CoolBLUE cores last a lifetime, and there is no maintenance.

Inductive Absorption Common Mode Choke

Inductive absorption is an electrical solution where inductive components are placed over the drive cables to absorb the transient voltage and common mode currents. The inductive components need to have high permeability, high saturation, and low power loss. They do not affect the symmetrical power currents but efficiently dampen the asymmetrical EMI noise currents. This creates a common mode choke.

The initial installation cost is about the same, or less, as other solutions. The long term costs are negligible as there is no maintenance, or replacement ever needed with this solution.

Advantages of the Inductive Absorber/Common Mode Choke solution

Installations are less expensive than shaft grounding or insulated bearings.

Easy to install around power cables.

Reduces line noise by a factor of 4:1 or better.

Can be retrofitted to any system with little effort in the field.

Reduces transient voltages, stray capacitive currents, and common mode currents before they reach the motor system.

Small number of cores fit all motor applications (AC, DC, Servo, Medium voltage, etc.)

Other electronic devices in the systems like sensors, monitors, metal detectors are protected as well as motor bearings.

Lifelong solution – magnetic properties do not degrade over time nor affected by heat. This is a solution, not a temporary fix like other devices.

CoolBLUE, Bay Motor Winding

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