The power grid in the US is outdated, meaning Americans experience more power outages than any other developed country in the world and asking themselves “where is there a backup power supply near me”?

A power outage can cause various issues in terms of safety, comfort, and expenses. Having a standby generator in your home can be incredibly helpful in a power outage. If you’re looking for a “backup power supply near me” you’re already on the right track.

For 13 reasons why you should invest in a home standby generator, keep reading.

1. Keep Food Fresh

One of the most useful things about a backup generator installation is that it will help keep your food fresh during a power outage. Without power, any perishable food you have in a fridge or freezer could go bad very quickly, especially if you live in a warm region.

This could be more significant if you have a large family, as you might have hundreds of dollars of food stored at one time.

2. Hot Water

Even on a warm day, cold showers can be very unpleasant. A standby generator means you will be able to get hot water at any time.

This applies to your kitchen too, as you will need to heat water if you want to have a cup of tea or coffee. You may also want to boil water for cooking, which might be impossible without electricity.

3. Temperature Control

If you live in a very warm, or very cold region, keeping your air conditioning or heating system running could be a major concern.

Maintaining a reasonable temperature might only be a matter of comfort in the short term, but could be a serious health risk for extended periods.

4. Basement Flooding

Sump pumps run on electricity, so will stop working in a power outage. Some sump pumps have a backup battery that will keep them running if there is no power, but others will stop in a blackout.

If your sump pump isn’t working during periods of heavy rain, it could quickly cause your basement to flood, leading to several other issues.

5. Internet

This is usually a matter of convenience and comfort rather than necessity, but many people rely on the internet for their everyday lives. Without power you may be limited to mobile data, so keeping your modem running will make things a lot easier.

Also bear in mind that after a while without power, mobile phones will die, making accessing the internet even more difficult.

6. Lights

Perhaps the most obvious reason to have a backup generator is to keep the lights on. In daytime hours this isn’t usually an issue, but after dark having no lights can be a huge hindrance.

A lack of light also presents a health risk, as trips and falls may become a lot more common.

7. Security System

Electricity is needed to keep home security systems up and running. This means that alarms and CCTV cameras won’t be functioning, making your home more vulnerable to criminals.

Whole house generators will stop this from being an issue, and keep you safe at all times.

8. Electronic Devices

Anything that is plugged into a wall socket will lose power. This means TVs, computers, lamps, kitchen appliances, fans, electric heaters, and more. On top of this, when the power returns there may be a power surge.

A power surge can damage any devices that are plugged in, but a whole house generator won’t switch back to grid power until it is safe to do so.

9. Home Office

These days many people work from home. This means (at the minimum) having a working computer/laptop, but you may also rely on the internet, a phone line, and more. Any of these being down for extended periods can result in significant downtime for your work.

Not only will a generator ensure you can keep working, but you may even be able to claim it as a deductible for tax purposes.

10. Medical Reliability

Some people have medical devices in their homes that rely on electricity to function. This includes things such as stairlifts and oxygen machines.

If these aren’t powered properly, it can create serious health risks and potentially life-threatening situations. If you have any such devices in your home you should make sure these will be able to work in a power outage or any other situation.

As a power outage can happen at any time, it is important to keep your generator properly maintained.

11. Prevent Frozen Pipes

During winter in colder regions, frozen pipes may be a risk if there is no power. Not only will this cause water supply issues, but can also cause significant damage if pipes burst.

Looking for “generator installers near me” may be ideal if you live in an area with this sort of risk, as they are likely to be used to supplying generators suited for this.

12. Resale Value

Many new buyers will see the usefulness of having a backup generator, and as such the resale value of your home will be higher. They give potential buyers peace of mind, and it’s something they then won’t need to think about installing themselves after purchasing.

Professional generator installation is key here, as people will want something they know is installed properly and therefore reliable.

13. Longer Runtime Than Portable Generators

Portable generators are an alternative choice, but standby generators can supply more power and last for longer. A Briggs and Stratton standby generator is connected directly to a fuel source (liquid propane or natural gas) giving prolonged run time.

Portable generators only run on whatever fuel you have to hand, and will therefore only last for a short time.

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