“You can’t go wrong. You’ll look back and say that’s the best money I’ve ever spent.”


Charles Emmett Grey, Jr.
South MS, Generator, Gulf Coast, Power, Bay Motor Winding
“I had no idea who to contact about anything. So they handled everything”


Claudia Cuevas
Natural Gas, Power, Energy, Bay Motor Winding, Gulf Coast
“It didn’t matter where we were, Patrick met us there…and that was impressive to me.”


Donna Martin
Power, Natural Gas, Electricity, Bay Motor Winding, Mississippi
“I know that if the power goes off, I’m still going to have power. And that makes a big difference.”


Brierley Acker
Bay Motor Winding, Gulfport, MS, Power, Hurricane Katrina
“Twice a year they come out and maintain it. And if anything’s wrong, they take care of it.”


Bill Hydrick
Natural Gas, Generator, Bay St. Louis, MS, Power
“We had one small hiccup in it and we called them and they showed up immediately. Took care of it. And we’ve had no problems since.”


Russeline “Rusty” Veazy

We’re the go to guys… Creating the


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trust us with their backup power

Bay St. Louis, Power, Electricity, Bay Motor Winding

"I use a machine to breathe. A generator is something I have to have. Patrick came out and quoted a good price. The entire experience was a good one."

- Chuck Breath